Lily Fan

Designer, Envisioner, Hacker

based in Boston.

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Word on the Street

“Lily has a unique ability to brainstorm outside the box and create concepts grounded in good user experience. Lily also showed an amazing design research skill set, as she was able to quickly gather insights, extract meaningful information, and put together impactful presentations.”
Joe Bradford
Product Designer at Hasbro

        “Lily’s one of those people that you meet and you instantly know that you’ll enjoy working with. And in the process of doing that work, you realize that it’s completely true: she’s diligent, unbelievably creative, and extremely insightful. As a biomedical engineer, I am constantly impressed by her critiques about UX and consumer-facing design.”

Richard Park,
Biomedical Engineer,
Entrepreneurial Enthusiast at Brown University

        “Lily is a dedicated and skilled young designer. She learns very quickly, takes feedback well, and possesses excellent communication skills. I relied on her to produce high quality, thoughtful work that impacted a real world product in a meaningful way. I recommend her wholeheartedly. She’s a talented, hard working designer looking to expand her skill set.”

Sarah Kaiser,
UI Designer at Involution Studios

        “I worked with Lily as part of a semester-long Entrepreneurship project. She played an integral role in our ideation process, the design of our technological product, as well as how to position the product in the market. Lily’s talent in design and design-thinking is truly unprecedented, as is her business acumen, and she was an invaluable asset to our team. I would highly recommend Lily for any project – she is a problem-solver by nature and I hope to have the opportunity to work with her on future projects!”

Morgan Cheatham,
Data Scientist and Entrepreneur at Brown University

        “Lily’s relentless in her ability to critically evaluate and poke holes where necessary – throughout all stages of the design process. She’s a smart cookie!… and an all around pleasure too work with.”

Christopher Hurbs,
Experience Designer at Business Innovation Factory

        “As the Vice President of RISD IDSA Student Chapter, Lily’s approachable personality and expansive connections have lead to many collaborations for our events, including the Autodesk Fusion 360 workshop and the drawing workshop with Hasbro designer. Her outgoing nature and reliable dedication will certainly be missed!”

Emily Kao,
Co-founder and President at RISD IDSA